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As we and our loved ones age, it can be difficult to manage and decide what is best for one’s care, safety, and happiness.


Laura can help you navigate these transitions. She assists you and your family in finding resources to make your daily life easier. She can work with you to form a long-term care plan and find local services that best suit your needs. She is especially helpful when family members live far apart and can provide updates and information regarding a loved one’s care. This is all done with the holistic needs of the person in mind. From their physical needs to their emotional concerns and reactions. She has established resources for in-home care and has hands-on experience with local Independent Living, Assisted Living, and rehabilitation communities. 

Expertise in:

  • Care plan creation

  • Care coordination (for in-home and long term care communities)

  • Patient care advocacy (attend appointments and provide synopsis for review)

  • Long term care insurance maintenance 

  • Home safety improvements to support aging in place

  • Logistical organization for potential moves

  • Provider of resources and recommendations

  • Caregiver stress relief and respite care options

  • Facilitation of mediation and family meetings

  • Communication with family members

  • Grief education and counseling

  • Hospice and palliative care educator

  • End of life planning

No available programs
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