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Grief Educator and
Professional Speaker

Orange Blossom

Laura is trained and continues to research how one can best express their emotions around loss, focusing on how our culture views and values this process. She was taught and certified by renowned death and grieving expert and author David Kessler. Unfortunately, she witnesses a lack of understanding on this topic by some who work in senior care. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, the loss of your home of 40 years, the loss of mobility due to significant health issues, or supporting someone entrenched in their own grieving process, the grief road is difficult to navigate.


As a Certified Grief Educator, Laura is committed to offering support and ideas where our culture often falls short. Debunking myths about the grieving process affords a better understanding and acceptance of one’s journey. Understanding the reality of how grief impacts our lives is important knowledge in creating long-term meaningful relationships with ourselves and others we love.


Laura provides an interactive grief education program to demystify perceptions of what is “normal” for the grieving process. She outlined her insights into a comprehensive presentation for the Society for Certified Senior Advisors, a national organization focused on aging.  She has presented at their national conference and also offers grief education courses at the accredited "Center" in Charlottesville.

Presentations can be modified to accommodate specific audiences.

Current presentations include:

Demystifying Grief

This program introduces the audience to the grief-illiterate culture in Western society. Many reactions to someone’s grief promote shame and stifle healing. Demystifying grief helps provide grace and understanding towards one’s personal grieving process.

Grief Education for Professionals Working with Seniors

This program introduces another lens to the grieving process for those working with seniors. Examples of appropriate and inappropriate responses to someone’s grief are provided. Additional skills and education on how to support those who are grieving are reviewed.



Interview with grief educator Laura Markey Monroe on NBC 29 Community Conversation

Laura Markey Monroe Interview

Laura Markey Monroe Interview

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