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Testimonials on
Care Management

I worked with Laura in senior care and saw firsthand her expertise in working with a wide variety of residents and their complex family systems. She is well-regarded by so many and simply has a big heart for working in this field. You want Laura as your advocate. 


Kim Solis

Human Resources and People Operations Manager

Maple Springs Senior Living Community 

Laura has a natural way of connecting. She listens deeply and gently guides with the wisdom of someone who is both knowledgeable and keenly insightful. The support she offered our family came at a critical time, and we couldn’t be

more pleased.

Kara Snapp

Testimonials on
Grief Education

Laura Markey Monroe is everything I could want in a teacher of any topic and even more so when the topic is pain, loss, and grief.  I would describe her as both luminous and direct, insightful yet funny, and lit from within with grace. Her class changes lives. I took her class in July 2023 in Charlottesville, Virginia, and saw her change every life in the room. 


Judith Hannah Weiss

Laura shared valuable insights and strategies to help one deal with death and other emotionally wrenching transitions. I was so impressed by her warmth and inclusive style. I left her program feeling enriched and craving more.

Margie Swanson

MH Swanson and Associates Financial

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